tZr Podcast: Episode 1


Welcome to The tZr Podcast, in this first episode I go over a little history about tZr, and ZeroUniversalDrift and what to expect from this podcast. I touch on a little information about the new iPhones and iOS7, the upcoming Continue reading

The Kyocera Hydro

Kyocera Hydro -Bottom

Hey guys, Kurt here from theZUDreport with a quick look at the Kyocera Hydro available from both Boost Mobile and Cricket. Today we’ll be looking at the Boost Mobile version, but the Cricket version has the same specs. Now, this Continue reading

MetroPCS Launches the LG Spirit 4G

LG Spirit 4G

Today MetroPCS announced the new LG Spirit 4G (LG MS870). The new device could be considered the bigger brother of the LG Motion 4G, as both have similar specs. The new LG Spirit 4G does weigh in with a bigger, Continue reading

theZUDreport News for 01.03.2013


Ubuntu Phone OS Canonical, the people behind Ubuntu have announced the release of their Ubuntu Phone OS. They expect it to be shipping on devices in 2013 but are still in talks with manufacturers. Expected features include a Welcome Screen instead Continue reading

Quick Look at Android 4.2 Jelly Bean


When I bought my Nexus 7 and my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, I did so with the anticipation of getting all the latest and greatest from Google as soon as it was ready… well, I haven’t been disappointed. This past week both Continue reading

MetroPCS First to Launch RCS on LTE


  Yesterday, regional CDMA/LTE mobile carrier MetroPCS announced the launch of Rich Communication Services on their 4G LTE network, making them the first 4G LTE carrier to do so in the world. They will be using Joyn, a GSMA-licensed brand. So, what Continue reading

theZUDreport app reaches v1.2.1

theZUDreport app in landscape mode.

Late yesterday, 6/11/2012, version 1.2.1 of theZUDreport Android app was released. The update includes minor UI tweaks, improved in app handling of the Blogs and Facebook sections, updated layout of the Apps section, including updating the Android Market URLs to their Google Play Store  equivalents. Also getting a refreshed Continue reading